Anchored for Life is a voice of hope and the love of Christ to those desiring freedom from same sex attraction, homosexuality, and other sexual issues. In an age of gender confusion and identity crisis, we help people on their journey into freedom. Through discipleship, prayer, and wisdom gained from my own journey, we hope to be an anchor to those on thier journey into sexual freedom. We provide an anchor of support to loved ones, families and parents who have a loved one in SSA, homosexuality and other sexual bondage. Anchored for Life provides support and equipping to ministries and church leadership desiring to reach out effectively to those struggling with unwanted sexual issues; as well as how to reach out to those in the LGBTQ community with the love of Christ.

I was raised in South Florida in a cattle ranching family. Like other ranching kids, I rode horses, played with my sister and did ranch work. We regularly attended church and were involved in community events. To the outside, all looked “picture perfect”. The reality was that along with the good, I had suffered a series of traumatic events throughout my childhood. These events throughout my formative years caused seeds to be planted that produced the fruit of homosexuality in my life. As time when on, the bondage became stronger, and I fell into deeper sexual bondage and addiction to gay porn. At 26 I hit bottom – I wanted freedom. It was torture… to love God and want to be free, but not to be able to find that freedom. When I “hit bottom”, I cried out to God for help and for His mercy. I could not get free by myself. I was fortunate to be able to put myself in a rehabilitation program in New York, where the Pastor said that he could help me get free. At the beginning I was not fully confident he could help me, and I told God I would give him a year. Within that time God transformed me and gave me a new life and new hope. Today I am happily married to my wife, Christine and have a beautiful family. I serve as a Pastor at Awakening House of Prayer in Dania Beach, Florida under Apostle and Senior Leader Jennifer LeClaire. To learn more about my story and others who have walked into freedom, order the book “Changed”, under the resource section and see

The Changed book includes the stories of about 40 people who have left homosexuality and live free today. The original book was in response to California AB2943 bill, which called those finding freedom from homosexuality “a fraud”, and was given to each CA State Senator on June 11, 2018. Today Changed has been revised, adding other stories of hope and victory from homosexuality/SSA. You will find hope and encouragement, and find your faith built in these stories of victory!!!

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